• The "pensionado" (Spanish for "retired person") must currently receive a pension (or retirement income) of at least $1,000. U.S. per month. The pension or retirement income can come from:
    • a government retirement program such as a Social Security benefit, Disability, a workers’ union, or military pension
    • a pension program from a private company.

The $1,000 can come from various sources, as long as the combined income from those official pension sources adds up to at least $1000 U.S.  per month.

The Temporary Residence under the Pensionado Category is valid for two years and can be renewed for additional two year periods.

After three years, the person is eligible for Permanent Residence.

Under this category of "Pensionado", the main applicant (the one with the social security income or pension) is allowed to obtain residency for additional family members such as spouse, parents, and children.

That is, if you are a Pensionado making $1,000 a month, you can also apply to bring a wife and child(ren) and they can also become legal temporary residence. (However, I would NOT advise you to try to live in Costa Rica with a child or children on under $1,000 a month! I do know singles and couples who do it or have done it, though.)