I was able to pick up the car today at Benito's so I had asked Jon if he might be going into San Ramon and he said yes but he wasn't sure what time. I figured whenever he went, I could go with him, so no problem.

But then Benito called and said he had to leave for San Jose at 11am.

Jon said he was leaving around 10:30 or 11am but it was already 10am and he hadn't called so I figured if I was going to have to take a taxi I'd best call now.

I had Joanie call and she called and I explained to her to explain to him where it was located and she did it just like I told her except that she never said that he needed to use a 4x4, as I had told her to say. But she did say it was way up by San Francisco and I would think any taxi driver around here would know that going up that way one would need a 4x4..

Well anyway the taxi said he'd come right up for about $14 and I said okay and we waited. In a very short time he called and I told Yoli, he can't have gotten here that quickly.

He said he was by the ICE (electric company) gate and I told her, yes, but which one? We are at the upper ICE location. He said where were we and I explained to Yoli to explain to him that he still had to come up 3 or more killometers more. He said no, he didn't have a 4x4 and we didn't tell him he needed a 4x4!

I got on the phone because he was yelling at Joanie and I told him that maybe we didn't say that but we did say it was 1km before San Francisco so he should have known it wasn't down there by the lower ICE plant and that he would need a 4x4 to get here.

He said I had to pay him anyway and I said no, it wasn't my fault.

He was really mad and he kept yelling about how I had to pay him, so I hung up on him.

Meanwhile the time was running out so I called Diego and asked him if he could take me to San Ramon because we needed to pick up our car before 11am. He said yes and came running on his motorcycle and took me down the hill.

Riding down a steep, rocky, bumpy dirt road on the back of a motorcycle without a helmet nor jacket seemed both reckless and scary but I just hoped for the best and kept going.

I explained the situation with the taxi driver and Diego agreed that it wasn't my fault and that I didn't have to pay. But he also said I'd need a taxi because it was illegal for him to ride his motorcycle in the town without a helmet and jacket so I'd have to get a taxi once we were down on the highway. I agreed.

On the way down though we ran into the taxi driver and he knew it was me and it was hard to pass him without him seeing us and he started yelling about the money again and how it was all my fault.

Diego said maybe I should just pay him and let him take me. I didn't want to, but I almost always take Diego's advice so I decided to just pay up and let this guy take me into town.

He said I had to pay in advance and it was now an extra 1 mil ($2) because of all the problems. I had to just suck it up and pay.

Got there just in time and picked up the car and drove into town, bought some stuff we needed, like cheese, and then drove home in my "new" car.

Yes, ANOTHER Costa Rica adventure!

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