100 Days In Costa Rica

I see we have now lived 100 Days In Costa Rica!

So I guess this calls for a glass of wine and as soon as I finish this short post I'll go out on the porch and sit in my hammock and drink a glass of wind while watching yet another beautiful sunset!

All in all I'm glad we came. Life has been VERY INTERESTING since coming here. Not all wine and roses - we've had some pretty tough times and challenges to face, lots of work... but lots of rewards too!

For me the view, the quiet, the nature and my new friends here are the best part! My friends here have been great and I love waking up to the sound of toucans, and love seeing monkeys regularly, and love sitting on my own porch in my hammock morning, noon and night. (Not every morning, every noon, and every night, by any means but often enough to be happy about it!)

I won't lie: moving to a new country is challenging and it's not for everyone.

But if you want to make a change in your life and love Costa Rica then I say "GO FOR IT!"


  • We are healthier here. We walk more. We do more. I have lost 3" of my waist since moving here and that's healthy for almost any guy in his later years!
  • We have good friends here, both Ticos and gringos - and that is rewarding - to experience other cultures and other opinions and learn about new people.
  • We spend more time outside in the fresh air
  • We eat healthier because we can't get the frozen pizzas and other junk we could get in the USA
  • We don't have to work any more because we don't have to pay $1200/month rent
  • We have more time to relax and do what we want

All in all our 100 Days In Costa Rica have been very rewarding and certainly interesting!


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