A Lot of Work! But “Lucky Us!”

Got up around 7am but laid in bed and talked for awhile and then the phone rang and it was Rob. Rob wanted to know if he could go up and see the house and I said yeah but we were just about to eat breakfast so it would be an hour or so before I was ready. Told him I'd call when I was ready.

So after cooking up and eating some eggs and beans and tortillas I called him and we went up to look at the house. We sat and talked for about 45 min. and it turns out he has similar family issues as me. He said he thought Gerardo was doing a really good job on our house.

We came back and Joanie and I talked for awhile and then I got on the computer and internet to write and relax.

Been WAY TOO LITTLE RELAXATION for me lately. I certainly have not felt much like I am "retired" since coming here to Costa Rica to live. Of course this is due to building the house and having to buy stuff and make decisions and so on. I am pretty sure this will all get much better once the house is done and we'll have much less to do and I'll have much more time to relax and do whatever I want. But for now it's been just too much shopping and running around.

Joanie and I went up to the house towards late afternoon and sat in the living room on plastic buckets turned upside down and talked about stuff we needed to get like curtains and a shower curtain and a porch swing and so on.

It is so incredibly beautiful up there. If it wasn't for the difficulty of the road and nothing being around there - and if we had another place to live - I'm sure we could rent the house for $100/night easily, given the views and environment. It's amazing and so quiet. I guess some people would be afraid to stay up there alone - as we might be at first, too - but the peace and quiet and views, with all kinds of exotic birds chirping, butterflies and hummingbirds flying around... for most people it would be a once in a lifetime experience like they may never have again. So we are so lucky to get to live there! (Well, it's not luck, it's a long term project that I made happen!)


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