A Visit To A Local Restaurant

Woke up around 6am, laid around in bed for awhile falling in and out of sleep, while listening to the parrots outside (unusually loud this morning), then woke up and had our locally grown coffee and slowly got ready to head up to the property. Discussed what we would do with the driveway entrance and what and where we should plant flowers. Then I called Diego and he said come on over and we went to see his "finquita" which is walking distance from where we are renting. He has a super nice parcel of land with herbs, radishes, onions, peppers, squash, green beans, and so on growing. He showed us his garden which was very impressive, and he has a huge old tree growing right in the middle of his lot which gives incredible shade and made it nice and cool.

Then John called and said he was coming and he and I talked while Diego and Joanie talked. Then John and Joanie and I went up the road to La Guaria where he showed us his favorite weekend getaway where this guy has a bar/restaurant on a dead end road in the middle of nowhere (near La Guaria).

It's a big "ranchito" which means a roof over posts, with no walls. We had a couple beers, and home made Costa Rican whiskey which is called Guaro. But I've had Guaro before and this was not like that - it was very smooth! Great stuff!

We each had a dinner too, and the whole bill, with guaro and food and beers and such was only $25 for the 3 of us. Great deal!

We enjoyed talking with our neighbor John, met another gringo who lives locally there and had a great time! Joanie enjoyed it too and we plan to go back next week!

Came home and took a walk around our rental and found some mango trees and avacado trees that no one is even aware of I'm sure and they had some seedlings around them and we're going to ask Diego if we can transplant the seedlings to our farm.

Now back here relaxing with a cup of coffee and the computer!

Now THIS is what I had in mind when I moved to Costa Rica!


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