Attack of the Insects

Today we got up relatively early, like 7am and had a slow relaxing morning and had a light breakfast and then we drove up to the farm to see what was going on. They had cleaned up the grounds, the electrician was there, and some of the guys were continuing to work on the inside walls to make them smoother and better looking.

Finally after an hour or so there Gerardo asked if we wanted to go into town to buy insurance for our car, which I had asked him about a couple times. He led us to his insurance agent and we were there about an hour or less and ended up buying full coverage for around $51 a month. However here "full coverage" is $600 or so deductible - that's the best you can get - and there is NO RENTAL CAR COVERAGE unless you pay like $130 a month more! AND if your car is completely ruined or stolen, it takes 1-2 months to get the replacement or repairs! "So what would I do in the meantime without a car?" I asked. That's when he told us about the ultra unaffordable rental car coverage. So basically "full coverage" can still leave you up shit creek without a paddle for 2 months or more!

So in addition to the obvious reasons, do NOT get in an accident!

So then we went to the electric shop to buy a dimmer switch and look at LED lights, and we found the LED lights we think we want, for about 8 mil colones each. We'll talk to Gerardo about buying 3 for our kitchen.

The dimmer was made in China - really cheap and crappy looking compared to the ones in the USA - and cost us around $16. NOT cheap in cost, just cheaply made.

Then we went to Palmares - a nearby town - to look at some used beds we'd seen before and my intention was to buy them but Gerardo said it would probably be better to just have someone make them and of course he has a relative who can make them for us. Hey, that's great if it saves us money and so we have an  appointment with him tomorrow morning. Unfortunately Gerardo had to make the  appointment for 7am in San Ramon which means we'll have to get up by 5:30am. YUK! But the good part is we should be back here by 9am at the latest and can relax at home, hopefully! Even - god forbid! - take a nap, perhaps?

Then Gerardo took us to look at mattresses where he buys his and although they seemed of good quality I didn't like the sales people at all, who really knew NOTHING about the mattresses. It seems Ticos don't get into  the minutia of things like mattress specifications and the sales guy couldn't even tell me how many springs it had or what kinds of materials it was made from. Then he told me 2 of the mattresses could be turned over (2 sided) when the spec sheet I had in my hand clearly stated otherwise and when I pointed this out, the salesman still stuck to his story that they were 2 sided. For this reason - even though he was very nice - I would not buy from him - at least not without going to a real mattress store first and trying to get more info and a better price.

FINALLY after all that, I had a headache from not eating and the stress of driving around and my hatred of "shopping", and we were able to drive home.

On the way home as we drove into the farm, I saw someone - I'd describe him as a young man, maybe a teenager, in a white jacket or shirt and a dark hat who appeared to be running by our driveway so as not to be seen.

This impression of his "not wanting to be seen" is evidenced further by the fact that we did not see any evidence of him on the road, yet he was running by our driveway in my rearview mirror in the direction we had just been driving. Furthermore, when I backed up quickly to see him, he was nowhere to be seen, and when we drove down the road a ways and then back, he was also nowhere to be seen.

Strangely enough, also, a police car came by just as I was getting out of the car and I looked at him and said hi and expected him to stop and ask me if I'd seen this kid. But he just said hi and kept driving down the road. I thought "I should have said something to him about this kid who seemed to be hiding around here". But since I had expected him to say something to me, I didn't say anything and then it was too late after he drove on down the road.

So then I told Joanie and we went down the road in the direction of the police car thinking we might see them and if we did I'd tell him what I had seen, which seemed very suspicious.  However we drove all the way to the other side of San Francisco and didn't see the police so we turned around and went all the way back to the farm.

It was nearly dark but we drove down the driveway and walked up to the house and made sure there was no evidence of anyone having stolen or disturbed anything, then we drove back to our rental. Never saw any more evidence of the elusive prowler.

We carried our groceries into the house and soon Joanie yelled for me to come into  the
bathroom and bring a broom and I did and she said there was a BIG spider in there. So we moved things around and got it to come out of hiding and we killed it. It wasn't huge but it was big enough to scare the shit out of you if you felt it crawling on  you in bed or anywhere else.

Then I showered and on the way we found a centipede or whatever these big long worms are, over by the bathroom door and we took it outside. I don't like to kill them because it would be a squishy mess.

THEN Yoli showered and I found a miller on the ceiling and killed that.

THEN I found yet another BIG spider over by the box where I keep my computer!

Jesus Christ, this was a non-stop encounter with insects! I told Joanie and thus the title "Attack of the Insects". Okay so they didn't literally attack us. But finding four big insects in your home within 15 min. of your arrival is certainly a big unnerving.

Shit, it's now 8:30pm and we still need to fix something to eat and eat dinner. So that means no way will we get 8 hours sleep if we get up at 5:30am to go meet Gerardo at 7am to talk to his relative about building some furniture for us.

Man I fucking HATE having appointments and having to do shit every fucking day!
I know soon at least MOST of this shopping and shit will end and things will slow down. but for now it sure is a job which I don't relish doing. At all. I suppose I should see the bright side, that we are furnishing our own first home! But for me, shopping is shopping and I just hate shopping. And more so I hate the driving that is involved and being in town as opposed to just relaxing at home!

Anyway... well, tomorrow is Saturday and they aren't working Saturday so we can just stay home and relax the rest of the day after we get back from our  appointment at 7am.

Unless Gerardo finds more stuff for us to do!
(Don't get me wrong - I love Gerardo and I know he's helping us and I do appreciate it! I just always hate shopping and running around town, so it's natural I would complain about this even though it's in our own best interest.)

Going to the dentist is your own best interest, right? But do you like doing it?
I rest my case.

Anyway, we accomplished getting our car insured today (as crappy as the insurance is) and we figured out who can make our bed frames or headboards for us, and we looked at some mattresses and got prices. So we made some progress on necessary stuff and that's good!

I just hate shopping and driving, that's all.

Sorry for the "attack of the insects" title which I suppose was a little misleading BUT it is also a part of living here - if you live out in the country, especially - that you will encounter insects in and around your home and for most of us that is a downside to living in the country side in Costa Rica! Scorpions, spiders, cockroaches, ants, beetles, and all manner of winged things are likely to be found in your house at one time or another and very likely on a regular basis. So I felt it was important for you to read this and be aware of this fact. If you have insect-phobia, you probably shouldn't live here.

On the other hand, depending on WHERE you live you can generally control them and I don't expect to have problems in my house  because I will do what it takes to get it under control and resist their entry!

Tomorrow is another day.


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