Bought A Car But We Still Have No Car! (Day 8)

We got up early again to return the car but I looked at the plan of our house before we left and realized that the size of the house was not what we had agreed to - or so it seemed to me. It looks AWFULLY SMALL when looking at the layout of the foundation!

So we drove up to measure it and Diego was there and he assured us that it was exactly as agreed upon. We measured it to be sure and yes, it is the size agreed upon. It looks too small still, but hey, at least it's the size we agreed to make it.

So then we drove the car back to the rental company (National) and I was afraid we wouldn't make it there in time due to traffic and having to stop and buy gas. I was also concerned that because it was a brand new car they would try to get us on any little dings we may have incurred in driving it on the back roads.

Luckily it passed and not only that, Yoli asked for and got a discount for the day we had to exchange the car for a different one when it wouldn't make it up the hill to our finca.

The idea was that we'd get our car today from David but he said the $ didn't come to his account yet so we couldn't get it. So... SHIT! Now we're without any car!

(Not to mention that I am beginning at this point to worry about whether or not he could be just saying he didn't get the money!)

Since Walmart was nearby, we went over there, and did find prices better than in San Ramon. We bought a blanket (I've been cold, surprisingly, at night - around 4am-5am in the morning), and bought trash bags, a mop head and some other stuff we needed.

Then we had a "Costa Rican adventure" though a minor one:

We had to take a taxi from Walmart to the bus station to go back to San Ramon. The bus station was one of those messy kind, not well organized, everyone standing in a line outside with different buses passing by at various times. The thing about this kind of station is that you get drowned in diesel fumes from all the buses and it's pretty unhealthy. Not to mention uncomfortable, as there are no seats, it's just a standing area along a wall.

We bought our tickets and were assigned seat #'s: #10 and #11.

After about 20 min. the bus finally came and we got on and they called the #'s one by one and we got on in our turn. Except instead of having the assigned seats we paid for the bus was full with people standing and people in our seats. Being a gringo and not wanting to raise a fuss and be an "ugly American" I let it go and went and stood in the back of the bus, as did Yoli. I figured someone would get off soon and we'd get a seat.

But no.

Mind you, we were carrying a bunch of packages we'd just bought at ChinaMart (Walmart)  and I had assumed we'd get a seat like I always do when I go from San Jose to San Ramon or vice versa.

Instead I had to stand in the back of the bus with sacks in my hand and no one ever got off the bus so Yoli and I had to stand there (finally sat on the floor in the stair well in the back!) the whole 45 minutes or so of the ride back to San Ramon.

It was quite uncomfortable and I was very glad to get to San Ramon finally.

Luckily Jon was in town and he gave us a ride back home! Otherwise we'd have been paying $15-25 for a 4wd taxi!

I began to worry more and more as to why the money had not arrived in David's account yet - like maybe the bank for no good reason froze my account or something... or worse, he got it and is just going to say he didn't!

So when we got home we ate and had some coffee then walked up to our house (foundation).

Joanie fell and hurt her knee. I asked her if she was okay and if we should walk back home. She said no.

Diego was there and we sat and talked with him for about 45 min or so and it was so beautiful up there! He said he'd just seen a couple tucans and we watched the fog rolling by out over the bottom land and had a nice talk. Finally it began to get dark and threaten rain so we walked home. It turned dark while we walked home.

As we got home, we received a call from David who said that he just found out the money did arrive so we could arrange to pick up the car tomorrow! GREAT NEWS! Now I will be able to sleep tonight instead of worrying about the money or finding a car...

We came back and showered and I put Aspercreme and Capsicum cream on Yoli's knee and she used the electro-stim machine on it while I drank a beer and wrote this. It turns out her knee got super swollen and it began hurting her a lot. I put ice on it and gave her a tylenol and told her to go to sleep and try not to think about it. Hopefully the tylenol pm will help her sleep and not feel the pain and it will be better tomorrow.

On a side note I saw a 2nd cockroach tonight (saw one last night too). I killed it of course as soon as I saw it. But GOD I HOPE we do not have cockroaches or mice at our place (or ants or snakes or ...) - though we may have problems with all of the above! God I really HOPE NOT!

So overall a mixed day with good and bad. But I was VERY relieved that the money finally arrived and now we can take possession of the car we bought!

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