Building A Home In Costa Rica

DAY 20:
It takes a lot of work and time to build a house in Costa Rica. Probably no more than other places - I'm not sure about that - but it takes a lot more energy on our part (vs the builder's part) than I ever imagined.

Today was no fun. Not a bad day but it was somewhat stressful and tiring and we ended up not eating all day due to being too busy and I came home finally around 4:30pm with tremendous hunger and a headache from not eating and from driving around in San Ramon in the rain.

That's pretty much it.

We got up and went to  the house and Jose said he'd meet us in San Ramon later so we went to buy groceries. That in itself was stressful for me as I hate shoppng, especially grocery shopping; especially when it involves more than one store (we went to about 4).

Anyway so we spent at least 2 hours shopping including running around downtown looking for whole wheat bread which we'd found before but this time the guy didn't have it so he sent us on a wild goose chase to look for it, saying it was "across from  the "Cacique" about a block and 1/4 that way and a bit to the right. We went there and asked around and no one had ever heard of anything called the "Cacique" over there and we looked around and finally gave up.

Then I had to pee so spent half an hour or so trying to find a place to pee. Found one right away but someone was in there and I waited for a LONG time - like 10 minutes - and they never came out so finally I went in search for another one.

Anyway... so then Jose came but instead of "picking us up" to take us shopping he wanted me to drive because his car had to go in for repair so I agreed but man, I hate driving in San Ramon and hate driving in general. So that was stressful in and of itself. Then it began to rain and that was even more stressful.

Then we spent like the next 3 hours driving around in the rain looking at ceramic for floors and walls, looking at doors, looking at ceilings, and after awhile I was just sick and tired and had a headache and was starving and tired of driving!

So I finally let it be known that I'd kinda had enough and we headed back to the house, spent a few minutes there to see the progress they'd made (put up some side walls at the roof and put in some interior bars for walls to be placed).

Then we FINALLY came home and ate a snack and I had a beer. The beer and snack really hit the spot and now I feel better. We finally put up some curtains (a cut cloth) over the windows to each side of the front door so no one will look in when they come to the door unless we are ready for them to (i.e. we open the curtains to the side).

Joanie is taking a shower and I'm writing and all is well with the world once again - for this day.

Tomorrow the electrician comes and they'll continue to close the house up on the outside.


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