Costa Rica: Land of Toucans

In Search of Toucans At Our Costa Rica Home

We are very fortunate to live where toucans live.

We hear them constantly but seeing them here is a little more rare. Getting a good long look at them is even harder.

So our little game is when we hear one nearby we go look for it. We often hear them first thing in the morning when we get out of bed.  So we walk in the direction we hear them and see if we can get a look.

Today we heard them over by the border of our property so we went walking over there. We could hear them nearby but couldn't see them due to the thick forest of various types of tropical trees.

But while we were looking for toucans we saw some beautiful orchids growing on the side of one of our older trees and we had a close look at those and wondered if it was possible to transplant them from the side of the tree. (Do you know if this is possible? If so, please comment!)

So we walked back to the house and I was ahead of Joanie so when I got back I heard a toucan right near our house and sure enough there was one right in the little tree to the right side of our house - a big one too! As soon as I got my binoculars up to take a closer look he flew away.

Then later when I was inside Joanie saw one flying in front of our house. So this has been a TWO TOUCAN DAY!

We see toucans almost daily now, or at least, regularly.
We have figured out which trees they like and how to spot them with the binoculars.

Still, it's very hard to see them for long! As soon as they hear your noise or realize you are watching them, OFF THEY GO!

They are our favorite birds here and we just love seeing them!


  1. Graham on January 20, 2016 at 9:51 am

    There seem to be tree dwellers and dirt dweller types. Saw nothing about tree to dirt but stuff about dirt to tree transplanting. YT has some good ones.

    • miguelbgood on January 23, 2016 at 12:47 am

      Thanks for the comments and links! Great stuff, Graham!

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