Day 10 Of Our Move To Costa Rica

It is now Day 12 and I am going back to catch up on the last 2 days but I have lost track of time  - not because we are doing nothing, but the opposite - each day has been a blur of activity. I have lost track of what happened on Sunday. I know that Sunday we stayed home most or all of the day and relaxed which was a much needed day of relaxation after all the stress of looking for and buying a car and Yoli hurting her knee and etc.

I wanted to start my new Moving To Costa Rica blog which these posts are the substance of, on this day, but I ended up arranging stuff in the house all day - getting my clothes out of the 6 suitcases and so on, hanging up my shirts and pants, finding all my electronics and putting them in one place, and so on...

I massaged and put Aspercreme and Biofreeze on her knee as well as ice 2-3 times a day and she has gone from being in severe pain and hardly being able to walk, to now being able to walk well and having very little pain. She said she didn't want to go to my healer Omar now, that she felt okay.

So it was a slow day here today for a change...

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