Day 14 – Still having car issues

Got up early and went up to the finca where they were supposed to put the first walls up on our casita. I made some coffee and we ate some breakfast of some sort. Then we went up to be there when the walls went up.

Incredibly, this actually happened - the 1st walls (SIP panels) went up on schedule!

It was pretty cool seeing the first panel go up (partial wall actually, but we saw 2 panels go up - which is close to a whole wall).

Jorge made some changes to the materials because he felt the corner tubing was not strong enough.  He asked us where we wanted light switches and lights and we all agreed on that. We did mention that we hoped these changes did not incur extra costs and he said not to worry about that.

He gave us a ride back to our house because we still don't have a car (it's only a 1/2 km or so, we could have walked but the ride was a nice thing nevertheless). The car:

The mechanic told us to bring the car in at 1pm but I wasn't in a hurry because he told me he had the part he needed and I figured it would only take him an hour to put it in, at most.

We got there at 2pm and he told us it would take at least until 5pm. I said something like "Oh no!" as I'd already told him how dangerous it was driving in the dark last night, with the rain and fog on top of it.

We once again took the bus into San Ramon and did some shopping, bought a few small items and then I called Ron and asked him if there was any chance he might be in San Ramon today.  He said he would be later and I asked him if we might get a ride with him, just in case we might need one. He said he'd let us know when he was in San Ramon and when he'd be leaving.

We also found a 4x4 taxi driver who said he'd take us up to our place for around $20. We took his number, so if we ever need a ride we can call him.

Jon called around 4pm and I called [the mechanic]and told him we'd just leave the car with him for another day. He said that was good because it wasn't going to be done soon.

Honestly I don't understand at all why it's taking 3 days to fix a generator. Especially when he said he was just going to put a new one in. He seems like a super nice guy and has been very helpful to us. But as a mechanic to take my car to, I'm not that happy with him because I just can't see how we left the car with him for 7 hours the first day, it wasn't fixed; then a 2nd day of 3-4 more hours, and now a 3rd day..?! I don't get it. Maybe all the Tico mechanics are like that but I'm certainly going to at least look for a quicker one.

Anyway, so then we did some more shopping while waiting for Ron to call us to say he was ready to go, and finally he did around 6pm and he drove home in the dark, the short way. But he was lucky there was no fog nor rain like there was last night for me.

We got home around 7pm or something like that and took showers and I made a sandwich with some papaya for us. We ate and then I had a beer while Joanie did some cleaning up around the house...

Oh, this was her birthday and I bought her some cake earlier when we were in San Ramon. She had told me she didn't want to have a party or anything and we really don't have any close by friends to invite yet anyway.

So this was one of the first days in a long time that we didn't have a "Costa Rica adventure"! Thank goodness!

He said he'd call us when the car was ready tomorrow. I will be happy if he calls us by 1 or 2pm but if we don't get a call before Jorge goes into town then we won't be able to pick it up until the next day as Jorge is our only hope of getting into San Ramon (I doubt Ron goes tomorrow) and I'm not going in until or UNLESS THE CAR IS FOR SURE READY TO PICK UP! (because the taxi ride back will cost $20-25)

I would think - and hope! - the car is ready by noon. But I have given up on logic and learned to lower my expectations of car repair so I doubt it will be ready before Jorge goes into town.


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