Day 18: Does Living In Costa Rica Make One More Reckless

We got up very early  because Jose wanted to talk to us regarding some details of the house between 7 and 8am. My goal was to get there around 7:30 but I wasn't feeling well. I had trouble sleeping because I ate some of Diego's horseradish last night and for some odd reason it didn't sit well with my stomach. I eat radishes regularly and they never bother me but something about these made me feel sick during the night.

Anyway so when I woke up I felt kinda bad and couldn't eat nor drink coffee and I was moving kind of slow.

We got over to the house to see Jose and he told us he wanted to go into town with us later and choose stuff like a stove, sinks, faucets, hot water and so on. Also he said he'd need more money for various things and so he wanted me to wire him another $6k. I said I'd do that (even though it is not in the contract).

We were there with him and the crew for about an hour and then we said we'd meet him later and for now we'd go back and eat breakfast.

We ate a good breakfast of eggs, beans, fresh cheese and coffee with fresh pineapple and papaya. (The pineapple is fantastic here! And we got a HUGE one for $2 which we've been eating for a week!)

Then we went back and realized he had gone into San Ramon already so I called him and he said to meet him there at 1pm.

On the way down the hill we had a small "Costa Rica adventure":
A guy was parked across most of the road with some farm equipment and it looked like we couldn't get through and he wasn't planning to move it. We asked and he said he was stuck there but we could get through. I looked at the space available and thought not, since there was a big ditch on the right side. But he said "yes you can get through" and began to guide us.

This is a weird thing I'm finding about Costa Rica but sometimes I am compelled to do what might otherwise appear to be "reckless" things like this. I didn't know this guy from Adam - never saw him before. But he says we can make it and starts to guide me through so I just blindly follow his lead and start moving forward past him as he guides me through. We made it and went on about our business. But Yoli later said she was very afraid we were going to go in the ditch and our car could have turned over sideways as a result. She's probably right, it was a dangerous thing to do. But then, "this is a dangerous place". (In some aspects.)

As we went on down the road then there was some road equipment also blocking the way but they moved, and they were actually repairing the road down by the bridge, to some extent. Though not above where it REALLY needs it badly.

We finally made it to the "pista" (highway) and we stopped at the "bomba" which is what they call the gas station (federally regulated, so all have the same price for gas) and bought new windshield wipers. We had the choice of the supposedly much higher quality Michelin ones or the Tico ones for 1/4 the price so I chose the Tico ones. We'll see how that goes. We also bought some stuff to clean the windshield and keep the rain from sticking to the window and make it less foggy.

Then we went over to the bank to pull money from the ATM and then went downtown to shop around, make a copy of the key for my gate lock, and so on.

Then Jose met us across from the Molina grocery store and took us shopping for sinks, faucets, and so on.

We ended up buying a range top, bathroom sink and counter, toilet, granite counter top, and everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink! Going to set us back $1k but we didn't want just a Tico style kitchen and bathroom with no frills so this is the cost for a really quality kitchen (small though it is) with granite counter and a nice modern range (no oven) and a nice Italian toilet and a bathroom sink with a pre-made cabinet with a marble counter top.

I had said months back that we'd pay extra for granite if we could and so I guess we "can" because we did agree to it. Joanie and I both wanted a "nice" kitchen and decent bathroom, unlike this place we are staying which has neither. The kitchen is "okay" but the bathrooms SUCK.

So then Jose took us to shop for furniture but I found all the furniture way over priced - though I guess that is just the way it IS here. But as far as I'm concerned I am not paying that price for furniture. We'll do whatever we have to do to buy more affordable stuff. I think we'll start with a couple of locally made rocking chairs, but some cushions for them at Walmart or somewhere in San Jose', and that will do for a start. As for a "couch" or "overstuffed chair" I can do without them, at least in the beginning - especially at the prices they cost here. Maybe we can pick something up cheaper on Craigslist.

So then we stopped up at the house again on the way home and Jose  discussed some more stuff with us and said he'd try to put up the roof tomorrow and then we'd go into town again to shop for some more stuff.

We came home and I had a beer  (I LOVE a cold Bohemia after a long day of running around!) and wrote this while Joanie began dinner (spaghetti) and now I'm going to help her. Instead of having it with jarred Trader Joe's spaghetti sauce we had to buy whole tomatoes in a can and then add fresh ones and then add cooked onions, fresh oregano, powdered garlic (we haven't bought fresh yet) and so on. No tofu, nor vege burger in it but nevertheless it should be good.


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