Day 3 – Still looking for a car to buy

Today we looked at 2 more cars: A 1997 Hyndai Galloper which was beat up inside on the seats because the guy used it to haul supplies. but the engine and tranny seemed really strong and it had NO problem going up the hill to our finca. I felt it was a very solid car although bigger than we'd like. But it uses diesel which is about 25% cheaper here, and it is very simple like an old VW bug in  the sense that it has no on-board computer and is very simple to work on and replace parts with a new engine costing only about $1500 should we need one. ... or so we were told by its owner.

I liked the way it drove as it seemed very strong. Supposedly it only has 77k kilometers on it and the guy - who is a friend of a friend - swears that's true but I find it impossible to believe on a car that old and I politely told him so.

And the guy wants $8500 for it which seems outrageously high. I looked online and found similar models for $5500. I'd like to buy it but if he won't come down to at least $6k I doubt I will. I may look at some of the similar models that I found online if they're not too far away.

The guy who showed it to us is a friend of a friend of mine and has sold other cars to gringos looking for cars here and has a reputation for offering good cars so I do feel the car is good, just overpriced.

Then we looked at a Isuzu something-or-other but it had the "check engine" light on and was an automatic and though it did seem to have power to go up hills I didn't care for the way it drove. I am ruling that one out.

This is our THIRD day of renting that damn Bego at about $70 a day and it is looking like buying a decent used car here is NOT an easy task at all! I knew that, but didn't think it would be THIS hard - particularly since I had contacted all my friends here and asked them to help me line up some used cars to look at.

After all that we went and met my neighbor and friend Jim for some beers, Mojitos and pizza at Danny's Cuban bar and restaurant called Azucar on the highway near the turn off to the farm.We sat and talked for quite a while over pizza and beer and mojitos.  Had a good time, as usual, there and then we drove home.

Tomorrow is only Day 4 and we'll continue the search for a car. I may enlist the Tica neighbor's son to help us look for something good at a used car dealer or two about 10-20 miles back towards  the airport. Then we'll either decide to buy one of the ones we've looked at or we'll keep looking.

Continuing to look, while spending $70 a day driving a rented car is not fun nor part of my plan but I had hoped one of the 4-5 we had lined up to look at would be good. So far they're not so great so we have to keep looking.

So that pretty much brings our adventure up to date.

Joanie is so far enjoying being here as am I, in spite of some minor problems like having to drive in the fog after dark on a dangerous highway, back to our temporary rented home.

I don't feel "retired" yet at all, I am instead working hard, busy pretty much the whole day, every day, except for eating and drinking a few coffees.

But nevertheless it's interesting and "fun" on some level and beats the hell out of our life in Los Angeles, as far as I'm concerned.

It's weird having gotten rid of so much stuff and not having all the stuff we wish we had. At this point 1 of our big 36" duffel bags full of stuff are stored at my friend's house, and some stuff I need is up there but we haven't had a chance to go up there to get it for the past 2 days (we left it up there the 1st day because he needed a ride into town and we had to make room for him in the car).

Also we left 1 bag accidentally in Los Angeles the night we went to the airport, but that's a whole other story. I'll have to do a Flashback post about that, at a later time. Suffice to say we were brain dead by the time we worked day and night for days to get our apartment emptied out and our stuff packed into duffel bags, so by the time we did all that we were suffering from a severe lack of sleep, a LOT of stress, and didn't count our bags and left one behind which our friends who took us to the airport went back for and are now holding for us. But we don't know which bag it is or what is in it. I am personally hoping that it wasn't the one with the majority of stuff we need but we haven't figured that out yet. Anyway...

"It is what it is, " and this is it. We're here in Costa Rica, having started our Big Costa Rica Adventure.


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