Days 21-26: Building Progressing, Life Going On

We went up to the house in the morning after coffee and cookies and saw the progress they had made. They have put in the car port and the sides of the roof and are putting up interior walls.

After a little while we decided to go eat and Jose took the day to do other things so we came home.

Glad we didn't go into San Ramon! It rained cats and dogs! Hardest rain since we've been here and it lasted for hours.

So we basically stayed home all day and I caught up on internet business and insurance business and phone business and so on and Joanie watched tv on youtube.

We drank coffee and watched the rain, too, which was relaxing and beautiful! Where we are, there is a big forest 30 yards away so it's a beautiful environment to watch the rain.

While we were sitting on the porch we saw something up in the corner of the roof of the porch and we finally figured out it was several wasps working together to build a nest. At first we thought it was some alien life form 😉 or scorpions.

Basically we only did that all day then ate and watched Frasier on dvd.

DAY 22 Friday Nov 20

Went to the farm, not much going on, took some pictures, then went to take the trash to SF and on into San Ramon to the Feria (farmers' market).

Bought a bunch of veges and fruit and other stuff then stopped in town to return and get a couple things, then came back out here and it was raining so we just hung out at home all day and I worked on the blog and Joanie watched youtube and we just had a quiet day at home.

Finally we made a good dinner and then watched Frasier and I fell asleep around 9:30pm then we got ready for bed.

DAY 23 thru 26 Nov 21 through 24

Nothing very eventful has happened in the past week.
We have just been doing the same stuff - looking at building materials like tile, ceiling coverings, windows, and then furnishings like sinks, faucets, and appliances like washers and refrigerators ...

In between we have been checking in on how the building is going, and making trips into San Ramon to shop for groceries and other needed stuff...

Very uneventful... Part of that too is because it rained cats and dogs for 3 days and we were basically stuck here at home most of the day and didn't go into San Ramon due to the heavy rain possibly making the road dangerous.

We did take some walks around here in between the rainy days though...

Part of why I want to live here is that we are realizing how much healthier it is to breathe fresh air, take walks, eat more fresh veges and fruits and relax at home more...


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