How To Lose Weight By Moving To Costa Rica

This post is about how to lose weight by moving to Costa Rica. I'm not kidding. If you have had trouble getting those extra inches off of your waist line and you have an interest in moving to Costa Rica, this might just give you the incentive to go ahead and "go for it" and move to Costa Rica to lose those extra inches!

I lived in a big city and my life was like this:
Sit at my computer at home, then go to work in the afternoon and sit at my desk, then go home and eat and watch tv.

Although I ate a healthy diet and watched my fat and calorie intake, I kept putting on weight and went from my "normal 175 lb." which was already about 10 lb over what I should be, to about 195 lb. in the past couple years with that lifestyle. (I was in my early 60's.)

So I told my wife that one of the many advantages to moving to Costa Rica, based on having lived there off and on before, and taking long vacations there, that it was a healthier lifestyle and would be good for our health.

After 3 months here my statement has proven to be true.

My wife has lost weight and I have lost 3-4 inches off my waist that I could not lose for the past several years!

Without even trying!


Well it's that little thing called burning calories. And that's all there is to it!

The fact is, as I explained to my wife before we moved here, that I always do more walking and more physical activity in Costa Rica. Why? Well for one thing we tend to walk a lot more. Instead of going into a parking lot and parking as close as I can to the door and going in and doing all my shopping in one place in about 30 minutes, here in Costa Rica it is often done differently, at least I've found this to be true.

We tend to go downtown and park the car then walk to 4- 5 stores, sometimes blocks away. We might carry several bags of stuff back tot the car, then walk a few more blocks and get some more stuff... etc. We might shop for 2-3 hours like this. Lots of walking and carrying.

Then there is the fact that we now live in a rural area. Here are some of the things I do now that I never did much if at all, before:

  1. I sweep the porch and kitchen floor because we tend to track in a lot of dirt and mud. Back in our  apartment in the U.S. we never tracked in anything and only had to vacuum every once in a while.
  2. I mop the floor because we have a ceramic floor instead of a carpet.
  3. I water all the plants we're growing. Pulling around a long hose and watering a relatively large area uses energy and burns calories.
  4. I climb up and down the hills of our property. It's like going hiking which we used to only do once in a blue moon. Now it's a regular thing.
  5. I go outside in the hot near-equator sun and sweat a lot.
  6. I use my machete to chop weeds, limbs, etc as needed
  7. I do some gardening and landscaping and other chores out on the land - bending and lifting and so on.
  8. I bury the garbage instead of just tossing it down a garbage disposal.

There are probably a lot more things we do but that's the gist of it. Some or most of these things above are daily, all of them burn calories and all of them help therefore to lose weight!

So if you want to be healthier and lose that weight you haven't been able to lose, my advice on how to lose weight is to move to Costa Rica!


  1. Graham on February 22, 2016 at 2:32 am

    Leave the shoes at the door-Asian style

  2. Jim on March 20, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    That would reduce the weight loss by not having to clean as much tho!

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