Mattress Shopping In Costa Rica

Today started out okay as we went up to meet Gerardo and he was going to go with us into see his mechanic to try to install the master cylinder we bought.

But he got busy at the house and so sent us on in by ourselves to do it - the problem was we didn't know exactly how to get there, but we figured it out and got there around 9am.

Then we went to the mechanic to put in the master cylinder we had bought for our brake problem which has not yet been resolved even after spending some $50 on it, changing brake pads, fluids, flushing the line and so on.

So we bought this "bomba principal" last week (there was even a conversation I had in the street with my builder in which I said, a bit too loudly no doubt, "Here's the money for the bomba!" LOL.) and today was the day to see if it was the right one and put it in if it was.

Of course it wasn't so our Tuesday got off to a roaringly lousy start. We then went into town to look for the right one and found 2 places who gave us no hope of finding the right one other than sending the right one into San Jose with someone and having them find it for us and bring one back tomorrow. This would of course put our car out of commission for 1-2 days and so we decided to keep looking.

We finally ran into a place who swears he found one that is Japanese made (that's GOOD!) and that is the correct one and he told us he could get it to us by later today or at least by tomorrow morning. He said he would call us when it came in and I told him I'd drop by tomorrow morning and pick it up.

After that we had to go to the insurance agent - last week we bought insurance - to find out why the car is still not listed in my name on the government site where it shows how much we owe for "marchamo". "Marchamo" is basically registration and it includes some insurance and it costs - in our case - $200 effing dollars per year! That's about $16 a month and rivals USA prices for auto registration! Christ! And it's due in December and we just paid $155 for 3 months of car insurance.

Anyway so we went over there and he said that we should have gotten something from the former owner re registration of our car. Of course we did not so now we have to call him and of course now there is some stress as I wonder if the guy didn't properly registered it in my name and if I don't even really own the car even though I supposedly signed a contract with a real attorney saying I do.

We had a ton of stuff to do so put off calling the former owner, today, and will do it tomorrow.

Hours have now gone by in San Ramon and we move forward.. Next on the list is to see if we can find a mattress.

At this point we were starving so we went to get a pupusa at our favorite little hole in the wall pupusa place and while she was making them we went around the corner to Gollo to see if they had a mattress worth buying.

(We have already had experience with several mattress sales people and all I can say is if you think buying a mattress in the USA is frustrating, buying one here is a whole different ball of wax! The sales people know NOTHING about the mattresses and all they can do is spout off about the warranty and encourage you to buy it because they say it is good but they can't give you ONE BIT of information as to what is INSIDE the mattress. Not one bit! NOTHING! ZIP! ZILCH! NADA!)

So it's impossible to choose a mattress based on quality materials or manufacture or to compare one to another!

I found a Jiron for sale and since I have slept on a few and liked them I figured that was my best bet. Of course the guy knew nothing about them and so I just chose one based on price - in the middle range - and decided to buy it to end my torturous experience of searching for a good mattress. All I can do now is hope for the best.

Then we asked about a coffee maker we liked and I was going to buy it but they could only find the box for the floor demo model and I declined.

We then went to another store to look at coffee makers and they didn't have anything I wanted for a reasonable price so we called Gerardo to see if he wanted us to pick up the tiles they hadn't delivered yet for our bathroom floor and he said yes so we headed out there, and marked that errand off our list then went back to get the mattress and carry it home on top of our car.

It began to just "mist" rain and I said "Hmm, it looks like it's going to rain to me" but everyone said it was not going to because it doesn't rain this time of year. I said "I hope not" and we loaded up the mattress on top of the car.

Drove home and it didn't rain...

Until about 30 minutes after we got  the mattrress inside... then it POURED DOWN RAIN for a good 30 minutes! So much for it "never raining this time of year". Chalk one up for me and my prediction!

We unwrapped the mattress to let it air out and moved the old one - which was killing my back the past few nights - out of the bedroom into one of the spare rooms.

Then I took a shower and came over here to write this.

Oh! and we killed a baby scorpion on the living room floor tonight. Also killed a "teenage" scorpion last night.

Our total of dead scorpions inside the house since we got here is now at 6.

We will spray insecticide all around our new home before we even move in! Fuck it! I ain't planning to live with dangerous insects especially, but no kind of insects inside our home if we can help it!



  1. Graham on January 10, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Anti scorpion measures (other than moving house)

    Keep chickens

    Black light hunting – If it sounds a little scary to you to go out in your backyard and shine a black light in all the cracks and crevices of your exterior home, it is. It’s also totally thrilling. You can get a cheap black light at any home improvement store and use it to find and kill scorpions. Every one you kill is one that is not mating, breeding or coming inside your house. Let the hunt begin!
    Sprinkle cinnamon around the house.

    Ground cinnamon is a natural scorpion repellant. Sprinkle it in dark areas, windowsills and around your baseboards to keep scorpions away.

    Lavender plants.

    • miguelbgood on January 23, 2016 at 12:51 am

      Thanks for that info re cinnamon and lavender. Will try it!
      Just installed some plug-in-to-ac-outlet thingies that are said to repel ants, cockroaches and other insects.
      I’m not a fan of any insects in the house at all, so hope they work!

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