Sunday 11/29 - don't remember - stayed home all day both days I think due to bad brakes and heavy winds!

Monday 11/30/15
Ran around San Ramon all day buying stuff, having brakes looked at AGAIN.. this time they replaced fluids... Brakes are still soft so Gerardo says his mechanic will look at them, and it's probably the master cylinder that is dirty/worn.

Spent pretty much the entire day shopping, looking at range tops, went to grocery stores looking for ww spaghetti and quality chocolate...  went to the banks...

Came home, ate, went to the farm and stayed til sunset, came home and fixed mashed potatoes and vege omelette.

Tue Dec 1
Went to town, paid for ceramic for porch and kitchen counter... banks... grocery store...

Came home and ate lunch...

I spent afternoon on Skype dealing with Social Security and my  Pension and UI... Had to send faxes and write some people, etc...
Went to farm, Gerardo wasn't there.... walked a while, came home.

Found a centipede in the shower... For some reason centipedes - or that is what we call them, anyway; not sure what they are! - are always in this house we are renting.

They crawl around on the floors and we find them in the bathroom, the kitchen, everywhere! They don't seem to bother us - we just move them out to the yard when we see them.

Funny how certain bugs like cockroaches or ants or flies really bother me and make me want to kill them, and others don't bother me much at all. Cockroaches and ants I absolutely cannot tolerate in my home for example and I'll go to great lengths to kill them!

Anway these have been pretty uneventful days...


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