Our 1st Thanksgiving in Costa Rica: Day 28

Day 28 Nov 26 Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving and we told Gerardo we could only shop until 3:30 because we were going to meet John for Thanksgiving celebration at 3:30.

So meanwhile we went and paid for the bathroom and kitchen sinks and faucets and looked at furniture and appliances the rest of the afternoon.

Then John canceled due to a health issue but Joanie and I were still going to go but then around 3pm she wanted to get her hair colored and I hesitated knowing it could fuck up our plans but I was told it would only take an hour at the most so I finally agreed.

Then it ended up taking an hour and a half... so it was then too late to go get dinner before dark... and not wanting to drive home in the dark (and potentially rain/fog too) I had to cancel our TG plans and so we came home to eat mashed potatoes and I have no idea what else because we planned to eat out today but we did not.

Oh well.. we'll have to do TG another day...

Not a great Thanksgiving! But what the hey? I am thankful to be here building our own home on TG!


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