Here are some new photos of our house and our life in Costa Rica.

The house is not done yet - we still need to paint it inside and out, add cabinets, shelves, wood trim, etc.

But it's about 90% done. The final 10% though will make it look 100% better!

As to the outside, it is currently a moonscape as the construction killed all the grass. We are planting mani' a type of clover for grass (US style grass doesn't grow well here and/or is too expensive). We have planted about 100 trees and bushes: coffee, bouganvillia, palms, robles, and various other local trees all around the lot and will be planting about 100 more plants and trees when the rains begin in a few months or so.

We have an orchard already that includes lemons, oranges, bananas, avocados, mangos, and various other local fruits. Some are already giving fruit and others won't for another year or two.

So this is an example of how it looks now. Next year it will look all the better when the ground cover has grown in and the trees and bushes and flowers are growing up.

So this is our current life in San Ramon, Costa Rica in photos!