Shopping Hell

Shopping anywhere is torture for me so why should Costa Rica be any different?

I knew this week was going to likely suck due to our having to run around and choose and buy things like doors and lights and etc but in reality shit happened that I never imagined would happen, making this a completely shitty Monday!

We started out going to the farm today and things were fine.

We went into town to shop for stuff and went to a couple stores that sell mattresses. Wow. What an experience!

First store was a 'mattresses only' store and I thought that would be a good thing. Boy was I wrong - at least in this case! The store had only one brand, some off brand none of the other stores sold and they boasted a 10 year warranty but when I asked questions about the mattresses the guy knew NOTHING. I mean NOTHING. How many springs? Didn't know. What kind of springs? Didn't know. What guage of springs? Didn't know. How about "what kind of foam is used inside?" Didn't know. "How many layers of foam?" Didn't know.... You get the idea. Like I say, he knew NOTHING!

Furthermore, while this store's floor was relatively large, they had the beds laid out so close to each other in half of the room you could not get through from one to another without nearly falling down, they had signs on top of the mattresses that would fall when you sat or layed on one, and really all I can say is that this store was a complete effing JOKE of a store! We left quickly and looked for another one.

We then found another store that sold 3 brands - Selther, Luxor and one other - and we checked them out but they just had them all stacked on top of one another and you had to just choose one based on price and they'd pull it out and put it in the walk way where people had to walk to get to the bathroom and lay on it and when people came by you had to get up so they could move the mattress and walk around it. Nice way to sell mattresses!

We moved on to material for curtains and while I was intent on being patient and putting up with this shopping shit (I hate shopping, especially for "boring household stuff") I eventually lost my patience and begged Joanie to hurry up and decide what she wanted to buy so we could get the eff outta yet another fabric store and go home!

We finally decided on all but the living room curtains material and decided to come back another day for that as I was getting very hungry and anxious to end the shopping torture and go home before dark.

Just then Gerardo called and wanted us to go out to the marble and granite place to pick up the kitchen sink we'd bought so he could measure it.

We reluctantly drove out there and got it and then drove home, finally, to eat.

However when we got to the farm I decided to stop in for a minute and when we did we found the gate unlocked and that freaked me out... It looked like someone had pulled the chain off the post and entered so we carefully entered - me with my knife drawn - and looked for signs of theft or vandalism. We didn't find anything but it seemed odd that the gate was open and I couldn't believe any of our crew would have left it open.

Anyway we looked around and drove around a bit to see if any likely suspects were lurking around and after finding none we headed home finally, to eat.



  1. Graham on January 8, 2016 at 10:58 pm

    Sounds like fun! burglars, shopping and driving in the third world – What could *possibly* go wrong?

    In Australia, all wildlife wants to kill you (and can).

    • miguelbgood on January 23, 2016 at 12:51 am

      I think of it as “living on the edge” and it does give one the feeling of being alive!

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