Shopping, Shopping and MORE Shopping

I apologize in advance for whining about buying stuff for our new house - I know many would LOVE to be able to, including me a short time ago. But after awhile shopping just makes me want to shoot myself! That's just how it is. Sorry.

Wednesday was lousy!
We spent the entire day running around San Ramon in the car and on foot shopping for:
shower head

Now some may enjoy this type of thing but
a) I hate driving around, especially in San Ramon where people drive like complete assholes
b) I hate shopping in general but especially shopping for stuff like tile and curtain material!

Anyway so we did that all effing day and then finally came home and ate and watched some videos and went to bed.

Thur Dec 10

Today was a little better but still no fun and it ended in me getting very frustrated with San Ramon drivers and giving some asshole the finger and screaming at him as he was driving like an asshole and nearly got us in an accident.

We had to hang out at the house and watch them construct the kitchen then we had to go get the window/glass guy and bring him up and take him back. Then we had to return the sink and then we had to drive back up here to discuss the kitchen cabinet structure.

Writing/reading it doesn't sound so bad but driving around all day is no fun and I've just had it with driving in San Ramon day in and day out and shopping for household stuff.

Some people like shopping but I am most definitely NOT one of them and I also have always hated driving in traffic so this whole last week or two have been very stressful and unpleasant for me.

I am looking forward to  the day my "retirement" actually begins and I can sit at home all day and do nothing if I so choose and don't have to drive around in San Ramon!

Fri Dec 11

Another day of nearly full time shopping and other stuff I didn't really want to do (i.e. "work"; albeit not the hardest work I've ever done; but anything you do regularly that prefer not to do is "work" in my opinion:
making the bed
cleaning the house

And I would include shopping for more than an hour or so in that list, and especially if it involves driving around to buy something you "have" to buy right away (like we did today)

So, the day started out just hanging around the house, and they were cutting metal which is really hard on the ears and makes me want to jump out of my skin every time I hear it. (I know this sounds like I'm whining: "Wah! They're building my house and it hurts my ears! Wahhh!" Well, I'm just relaying my experience of it and it was hurting my ears and making me feel jittery from the loud metal-against-metal screeching. This is my blog and if I want to whine about the cutting of metal I will, thank you very much. ;-D

So anyway, that was no fun. Maybe if you haven't spent hours around a construction site you don't know how annoying it can be, especially if you're there because you just have to be as you are waiting to go into town to buy some necessary items with the Maestro de Obra. Also, if you're working there, making the noise, it's not nearly as bad as if you're just hanging out there hearing the noise while you're waiting to go somewhere.

After awhile of that we remembered that I needed to come back home and use the internet to call social security on Skype. I did that and just like the last 4 times, we went through menu hell then we sat on hold for half an hour, then we gave up and left because we have a life.

We met Gerardo in San Ramon and looked at kitchen sinks. Joanie wanted one not too shallow and not too deep -  like Goldilocks she was looking for the one that was "just right".

We ended up going to 3-4 stores before we found one and that took about 2 hours as we had to drive to nearby Palmares to find it. Then we looked at stoves to see if we could get a better stove or a better deal on a stove and after a while of that we finally gave up and decided to buy the one we'd been eyeing at Gollo.

Then we finally headed home and when we got here Joanie made some sopes which is a kind of Mexican pizza, kind of like a cross between a quesadilla and a tostada made with a thick corn tortilla, beans, cheese, onion, lettuce, tomato, salsa and what have you.

Then we drove over to the house to see what they'd done, and check on things.

They'd 4/5 finished the bedroom ceramic floor and started the living room.

We took some photos and talked about a few things but then had to leave as it was getting near dark.

Came home and showered and then I got on the computer and Joanie washed dishes while I wrote this and took care of some other business online.

The dog next door was barking his head off just because another dog in the distance was barking and I had to go out and tell him to shut up. The Ticos were home and they were just letting the dog bark for no reason. Nothing seems to bother Ticos: certainly not noise. In many ways I wish I could be like that - it seems very healthy to me. Yet noise drives me nuts and it drives me nuts when people allow dogs to bark incessantly for no reason.

I love dogs in many ways but basically I hate them because they are so ubiquitous and 90% of them have not been trained properly so they bark at anything and everything and drive people like me nuts.

A good well trained dog is a great thing.
An untrained dog that barks at anything and everything and/or barks incessantly is a nuisance and a half!

Anyway so here it is 7:30pm and it's about time to watch some tv and lately I fall asleep by 9pm or so while watching tv. Seems I fall asleep earlier every night!



  1. Graham on January 12, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Where’s the driving videos? Make for great watching – “Costa Ricas’s most dangerous”

    • miguelbgood on January 23, 2016 at 12:49 am

      Yeah, I should install one of those dashboard cams on my car so when I am finally creamed by a truck coming into my lane it will get a ton of hits on youtube! LOL.

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