Tarantulas and Toucans In Costa Rica

Got up at around 6:30am and took it easy. The Ticos weren't home so I took advantage of the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the nature. When the Ticos aren't home this place is great! Unfortunately it's hard to enjoy it when their tv is always blasting, the kids are always yelling and the dog is barking or the wife/mother is yelling at the kids...

Just messed around on the forums and read email and etc all day until around 1pm when I finally  made something to eat.

After I ate I began to notice something sharp on the back of my front teeth. OH NO! I thought... please don't let it be a filling coming out! With the car repair and all the other shit we have to pay for I really can't afford a tooth problem right now!

Well, sure enough, it has to be a filling that came out because there is something sharp on the back of my tooth and it doesn't go away with brushing. Now I can add "get a filling" to the rest of our problems and things to do. Great...

Later we went to the house and I spoke with Jim on the phone and we sat and talked a while. We then practiced throwing my throwing knives - which Joanie seems to enjoy, surprisingly, as much as I do.

When she want to retrieve one of the knives into the dirt bank we were throwing them into, she grabbed for one of the knives when suddenly out of a hole 3 inches away crawled a tarantula about 3" in diameter! Yikes! It ran up the dirt bank and hid and we didn't see it again.

Later we were still playing with the knives when we heard the sound of the tucans that Diego taught us to recognize. We looked out towards the sound and saw one on a branch in the distance and then saw it fly away. After that we heard 2 of them and saw them both sitting in a tree in the distance. Pretty cool seeing tucans!

We didn't walk home until almost dark. I felt a lot better after being at our place.


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  1. Graham on January 12, 2016 at 1:52 pm

    I read it as “We ran up the dirt bank and hid and we didn’t see it again.”

    Need new glasses or was it a typo?


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