The Nature Of Costa Rica

The Natural Beauty and Wildlife of Costa Rica

This is one of the main reasons I came here, and why I bought land on a dirt road miles from town. I love nature.

I love the birds chirping, the crickets and chicharras (like locusts), butterflies, birds, iquanas, deer, anteaters, agoutis, raccoons, monkeys, and so on that you will find in the natural (non-city) areas of Costa Rica!

I love getting away from the noise and traffic, I love seeing the old growth trees, the rain forests and cloud forests and jungles here, as well as the beach areas, volcanoes and so on!

I love sitting on my porch and seeing a big hawk fly by, or a toucan sitting in a nearby tree... I love seeing a boa constrictor along side the road [boas get a bad rap - they are very helpful animals that eat undesirable rodents and scare off  the dangerous poisonous snakes like terciopelos].

I love driving down the dirt road we live on and seeing green trees everywhere, wild flowers, a mountain side teeming with thick green trees! I love passing the river that has forest on both sides and all around it. I love the view of the Gulf and green hills in front of our home!

Costa Rica is said to have one of the highest percentages of protected forest in  the world. Panama for example has a higher percentage, I believe (tell me if I'm wrong!) but I've been there and the forests for the most part are cordoned off like in the U.S. - you don't see them everywhere you go, you have to drive off the main roads to see them. But here in Costa Rica the forests and nature are virtually EVERYWHERE!

Even in the cities you will see areas of trees and jungle, not parks but just vacant lots. But get outside the city just a half mile or so and you'll see:
coffee farms with banana and papaya trees, thick forests or jungles, etc. In Costa Rica anywhere you drive you will see nature all around you (except maybe in Guanacaste which is mostly arid desert).

So the nature of Costa Rica is:

That's why I love it, and that's why it's one of the top tourist destinations in the world. From beautiful beaches to rain and cloud forests, jungles, volcanoes, hot springs, monkeys, toucans etc - Costa Rica is filled to the brim with nature and like its excellent coffee you will savor it!


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