Toucans Near San Ramon, Costa Rica!

Toucans Near San Ramon Costa Rica are a common site - at least where we live. When I say common, I mean we might see one every couple of days or so, and hear them every day.

Today I woke up to the sound of a nearby toucan so went outside to see if I could get a glimpse.

It was in a tree right near our house and I grabbed the binoculars - very quietly and discreetly so as not to scare him away - and I got a good long look at him, about 1 full minute I'd say, before he flew away.

The toucans around here are very skittish usually and as soon as they see a human that might be watching them or sneaking up on them or what not, they fly away.

The toucans here make a croaking sound that sounds like the cross between a giant cricket and a big frog. So when we hear it we can quickly pinpoint how close it is and which direction it is in. Then it's just a matter of quietly sneaking up to where we can get a good look.

I've seen toucans on youtube that make a sound that is a cross between a frog and a pig, but ours are more of a croak, not an oink. They are much bigger than I imagined before seeing them in our yard.

Here is a great video of what our toucans look like:

Our toucans (near San Ramon, Costa Rica) look exactly like these in the youtube video, and are absolutely beautiful to see up close, and especially flying.


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