VIDEO GALLERY Of Home Construction In Costa Rica

This is a video gallery of home construction in Costa Rica near San Ramon. The house is being constructed with a cement foundation but the walls are SIP panels (Structural Insulated Panels) fortified throughout with heavy steel posts. Note that Panacor - the company who makes the SIP Panels used here) does not sell their SIP packages with steel posts nor recommend them, but that this was the choice of the owner and builder, to make it stronger.

Other than these steel tubes and cement floor and foundation the house was built with the Panacor package and then a zinc "lamina" roof was added. Also in some parts fibrolit and gypsum were used.

If you are not familiar with SIP panels, here is some info on them:
What Are SIP Panels

SIP panels

SIP Panels used in House Construction in Costa Rica near San Ramon

SIP Panels used in House Construction in Costa Rica near San Ramon


Now, here are some videos to illustrate what the construction of this home in Costa Rica near San Ramon looked like:

This first video shows the beginning of the construction of the foundation.

This next video shows a modification that was made to the SIP panels package as sold by Panacor. This modification is one that was designed to make the structure even stronger. By removing some of the SIP material, steel posts were able to be added along the walls in order to make it even more sturdy.

A tool was designed by modifying a machete, to remove the SIP material to accommodate the steel posts as you see here:

Here is a PLAYLIST of 11 VIDEOS that show various stages of construction of this particular home construction in Costa Rica:


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