Well, We Bought A Car, Sort Of… (Day 7)

We got up and went in to San Ramon to look at the GEO Tracker at 9am. Charlie went with us and we drove up to the farm to check out the car. I drove part of the way and he drove part of the way. It drove well and made it up the hill with no problem.

We went back and checked the compression and it was a little lower in 2 but not too uneven.

So, I agreed to buy it if he would put on a new tire to replace one of them that was bad. However the wired $ did not arrive yet so we said we'd meet tomorrow and do the transfer when - hopefully - the money would arrive.

We would return the rented car tomorrow and then take the bus to Grecia where we would do the transfer.

After that we went to eat and buy some stuff we needed which took a long time.

We were looking for pillows, towels etc and were shocked to see the price of towels as a per kilo price that came out to around $7 for a medium sized bath towel. As compared to $3-5 in the USA for a better towel, I found this to be kind of crazy. We bought a dish drainer and a shower rod and shower curtain and made a copy of a key and a few other errands and then headed home...

We were heading out of town to get home earlier for once (before dark) but as soon as I arrived at the turn off the main highway to our property, the fog hit really hard and it started pouring rain, and I could not see one thing! I pulled off at the Parqueo bar/restaurant and had a beer and Yoli had a lemonade while thinking about what to do. I really hate driving on a narrow dirt road in the fog and rain and dark! It was too near dark to go back and go the long way home so finally I decided we'd just try to go and see if the fog lifted and the rain stopped.

Thankfully the fog did lift and the rain did mostly stop and we made it home just before dark, made some quesadillas for dinner and went to bed around 11pm. Still no car but at least we decided on one and now it was just a matter of waiting for the money to arrive.

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